Letter: Delighted to endorse Provenza


We are delighted to endorse Jim Provenza for re-election to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors. From his service on the Davis School Board, to City-County collaborations, to policy acumen shaped by his career in Sacramento, Jim’s great. He listens, he cares, he follows up, he’s kind and he has deep knowledge of social services, labor, budgets, education, energy, open space and so much more. Jim always keeps it positive, respecting those he might differ with on any particular issue. What community could ask for more?

This all said, what’s been most impressive to us is hearing from friends who have met Jim and witnessed his conscientious and effective public service. Comments like this come back to us: “Do you know Jim? How thoughtful he was when I asked him about …” and, you know who always makes sense? Jim Provenza. He gets it.”

These comments from Yolo residents who engage on the issues that matter most to them tell us all we need to know about Jim.

An example of Jim’s attentiveness to issues raised by constituents is his strong advocacy for a new animal shelter. Davis residents asked that the current antiquated shelter be replaced. Jim has taken the issue on and is working with the county, our four cities, the university and the private sector to make a humane state-of- the-art facility a reality.

Due to Jim’s conscientious and effective public service we are supporting his re-election.”

Janet and Joe Krovoza

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