Letter: Encourage vote for Provenza


I am writing to encourage a vote for Jim Provenza for Yolo County Supervisor. There are many good reasons to support Jim, including his efforts on behalf of children, seniors, our schools, and those in need. But I would like to focus on another important, probably less well known, achievement — his acquired expertise and knowledge of regional water policy and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. This includes Putah Creek, Cache Creek, both tributaries to the Yolo Bypass, and the Yolo Bypass itself.

Over the years, Jim has nourished relationships that are essential to leadership in our region. These relationships have enabled him to protect agriculture, support salmon and smelt, and preserve the water to make it all happen. He has been dedicated to the development of the Delta Conservancy, as well as getting a fair shake for our region in statewide efforts to send that water elsewhere.

This is not an easy task, requiring attendance at many meetings and understanding the arcane policies and politics of the region, as well as the water laws that emerge annually from the Legislature.

When I served in the Legislature, I had a few elected officials I could count on to defend our region and persuade others. Jim was key in any water related efforts. It would be beyond foolish to lose such an effective and energetic advocate.

Lois Wolk
California Senator, retired

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