Letter: Provenza for another term


My name is Gary Pelfrey and I am the vice president of Davis Flight Support in Yolo County and this letter is in support of Jim Provenza’s re-election. I’ve worked with Jim since his election to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and many times on complicated aviation matters, job creation in an advisory capacity and as a business manager.

Occasionally, we’ve had differing opinions on next steps, but Jim was willing to listen, learn, work with me and make decisions that were in the best interest of everyone and Yolo County. This method of collaboration is how things get done and are accomplished whether it be at work or in public office. It’s been a refreshing experience to work with someone like Jim Provenza in our local government.

Political experience is important, but an individual’s personal characteristics, consistent values and knowledge used in how they determine direction and act is just as critical. During this election I’ve had the opportunity to get to know more about Jim’s background. His education and career experience have built a strong foundation in areas of fiscal responsibility, care for those who need support in our community and improving job growth with a focus on economic development for our future.

When I view the list of people and organizations that support Jim in his re-election, it’s positive to see such a diverse group including educators, public officials, agriculture leaders, along with labor and business organizations like ours. Though different in what we do we all see and have experienced Jim’s leadership, background, direction, and have come together to support his re-election.

My family and I live and work in Yolo County and it’s our community. We appreciate Jim’s work and would like to see him continue in his role. Do your research, understand the candidates and ask questions. I have and continue to support Jim Provenza for re-election.

Gary Pelfrey

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