Letter: Provenza provides steady leadership


Now, more than ever, our local government agencies must work collaboratively to address the big problems of the day. We increasingly rely on partnerships to supply clean power, conserve natural resources, supply water, protect aquifers, create affordable housing and help the homeless. In an era of sparse government resources, collaboration is the best way to make taxpayer dollars go further and to deliver effectively and efficiently on our promises.

Fortunately, time and again, Supervisor Jim Provenza has proven himself to be a great partner to the city of Davis in taking on the challenges we face together.

Jim helped negotiate annexation agreements that will allow greatly needed new housing projects for seniors and students to proceed in our city. Under Jim’s stewardship, the city and county are jointly discussing traffic problems on Mace Boulevard, helping to fund and site a daytime homeless shelter, and providing a critical support system for struggling families with the Yolo Crisis Nursery.

As anyone watching the recent supervisorial forum saw, Jim is a bit uneasy bragging about his own accomplishments. His natural style prefers teamwork to showmanship. For the work he has done, and what he promises to do the next four years to provide continued and steady leadership in Yolo County, he has earned my support for District 4 county supervisor.

Dan Carson
Davis City Council

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