Letter: Re-elect Provenza


I am writing in strong support of re-electing Jim Provenza for Yolo County Supervisor. I have known Jim for 20 years and he has consistently demonstrated the qualities needed to best serve the residents of Yolo County: leadership, collaboration, advocacy and compassion. Jim is knowledgeable about issues in Yolo County ranging from agriculture, criminal justice, social services and government. He truly listens to people’s concerns, reads extensively on the issues and consults with experts in the field to help guide policies and make decisions that benefit residents of Yolo County.

Jim began his professional career as a Legal Aid attorney, and started his career in public service with the Davis school board before serving as Yolo County Supervisor the past ten years. He has consistently advocated for and supported organizations and agencies that serve our most vulnerable citizens including children, elders and victims of crime. He cares about our community and is truly a kind and compassionate individual and leader.

Please join me in re-electing Jim Provenza for Yolo County supervisor.

Kim Berardi

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