Letter: Support for Jim Provenza


Jim Provenza is an outstanding public servant who has represented District 4 on the Yolo County Board of Supervisor with distinction. His list of accomplishments is long, but his commitment to providing support for our youngest citizens has earned my endorsement for his re-election.

As a trustee of the Davis Joint Unified School District, I am acutely aware of the importance of helping every child enter public school with the best chance for long-term success. Jim serves as Chair of Yolo First 5 and is past Chair of the Yolo County Children’s Alliance. First 5 Yolo’s mission is to assist our community to raise children who are healthy, safe and ready to learn from day one. YCCA helps to empower our young children, especially our non-English speaking children, by providing their parents access to essential services and helping to develop their parenting skills.

Jim previously served two successful terms on the DJUSD Board of Trustees and was a strong advocate for educational excellence and children with special needs. As a lawyer, he has represented women and children in domestic violence and child abuse cases. Jim understands that helping children succeed is hands down the best long-term investment that a community can make. Jim has many other interests as well (e.g., environmental sustainability and protection and programs to support our elderly) but his demonstrated commitment to our children and their families deserves continued support as Yolo County Supervisor.

Robert H. Poppenga

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