Letter: Support for Jim Provenza


I’m writing this letter in support of Jim Provenza and his bid to be re-elected as our Yolo County Supervisor, District 4. Throughout his tenure, Jim has been a staunch advocate for at-risk children and an ally to community organizations that support families in crisis.

As a volunteer for our county’s youngest, most vulnerable children and their families, I’ve seen firsthand the tremendous impact Jim’s efforts have had in our community. He has championed progressive policies and programs that focus on providing vital services to keep children safe and struggling families intact and growing stronger.

And that’s not the only way that Jim has made a difference. His decisions on the board have consistently supported groups within our community who sometimes struggle to be heard — the elderly, the homeless, and those battling drug addiction or mental illness. He has worked diligently to make Yolo County a place of caring and inclusion for all of our citizens.

Jim Provenza is a man of integrity and vision, and his compassionate leadership over the past 12 years is an integral part of what defines us as a community. That’s why I’m offering my wholehearted endorsement of Jim’s candidacy. Please join me in supporting him.

Jane Eadie

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