Letter: Support for Jim Provenza


I am writing to wholeheartedly support Jim Provenza’s re-election to District 4 Yolo County Supervisor.

I have observed Jim as supervisor when he has been involved with decisions about the future of the  Yolo County Detention Center, the Office Of Refugee Resettlement grant to the county; meetings with key city and university players; meetings on climate change and our environment, as well as how to welcome and support immigrants; meetings regarding our most vulnerable — seniors, disabled, the poor, and those that can’t speak for themselves.

From these I’ve learned Jim is quiet until he has something important to say. Jim seeks more information before making any decision. He truly listens. Jim is an innovative planner and often behind the scenes activist. Jim is compassionate and ethical. He is a team player and also able to forcefully drive through his own ideas. Jim is totally driven to make Yolo County a great place to live and safe for everyone. His drive is not to be a bigwig or be seen — it is to make a real difference now and later. Beyond the meetings, Jim is an energetic and effective County Supervisor.  I know he has our back!

Look at Jim’s accomplishments; pretty amazing! They happened because, 24/7, he is analyzing, thinking and testing possible solutions.

I repeat, Jim Provenza is one of a kind. Let’s keep him working in Yolo County.

Sandy Filby

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